Best Hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi

Best Hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi

Best Hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi, hymenoplasty is the surgical restoration procedure of the hymen. It is also known as hymen restoration, ‘revirginization’ or hymen repair, it is a surgical procedure involving the use of a flap of vaginal lining to reconstruct the hymen.

Best Hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi, there are many reasons in which the hymen can be ruptured or damaged – sex, dancing or rigorous exercise, sports activities, can all lead to tearing or breakage. Some patients choose to undergo the surgery as a restorative method and bring back their hymen to a virginal condition. Women who are born without a hymen also seek for hymenoplasty treatment. For others, it may be a solution to heal the hymen after rape or physical abuse.


Best Hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi, Undergoing a hymenoplasty treatment, it is an outpatient procedure and it can take between 30 minutes to one hour. Hymenoplasty cosmetic gynaecology can be carried out using local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia with sedation. Since the hymenoplasty surgery involves the tightening of the vaginal walls as well, the patient can experience heightened sexual pleasure during intercourse after the hymenoplasty procedure.

RECOVERY AFTER Hymenoplasty procedure

After hymenoplasty procedure, you should avoid any strenuous exercise for at least six weeks following the surgery, you will be discharged on the same day. You can return home and resume work as normal the very next day. Minor blood loss can be experienced for 48 to 72 hours after the hymenoplasty procedure, and is normal and not a cause for worry.

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