Best Hymenoplasty Surgeon in Delhi

Best Hymenoplasty Surgeon in Delhi

Our best hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi, to provide naturally healed hymen. Hymenoplasty or hymen repair or virginity restoration surgery involves the repair of the existing hymen or creation of an artificial one by our best hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi. Is your hymen got ruptured…then you need not worry. It is possible to restore your virginity. Many people might think that it gets regenerated naturally, but the truth is it’s not so. Yes, it is not a false promise. There is a surgical procedure named Hymenoplasty to repair your hymen. Are you looking for the best hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi / re-virginity centre in Delhi at affordable prices? Recover your lost virginity with hymen reconstruction (virginity) surgery at our Centre.


Having an intact hymen is always considered as the token of virginity among the women and if this hymen gets torn for any reason, a surgical procedure named Hymenoplastyis adviced for women to restore the hymen. Hymenoplasty surgery is otherwise called hymen reconstruction surgery, or hymen repair surgery, and done perfect by our best hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi. You will achieve the best treatment at an affordable cost in our medical centre in Delhi. Our cosmetic surgeon is highly skilled and experienced and explains in detail to get a clear idea about this procedure so that you need not delay in making up your mind.

What is Hymenoplasty?

What is hymenoplasty surgery? Come and know in-depth about hymenoplasty in our clinic in Delhi. For all women, the hymen is a pinkish coloured thin elastic layer located at the entrance of the vagina. Till puberty, it acts as a vaginal barrier. A tear in this hymen can take place at any time in any age, which leads to bleeding. The causes of tearing of hymen are always connected to sexual activities. But there are list of many other activities, which may lead to hymen tear and so we shall discuss about that.

  • Tampon insertion
  • Strenuous core stretching exercises
  • Cycling
  • Horse riding
  • Gymnastics
  • Insertion of multiple fingers inside the vagina during gynecological examination
  • Masturbation
  • Playing an intense sport
  • Accidental falls
  • Dancing
  • Bike-riding

So to repair the torn hymen one can go with stitching the outer vaginal edges tightly or by reconstructing with the new hymen thereby repairing the tissue. But the main reason for getting a hymenoplasty surgery is to get satisfied mentally and also to satisfy your soul mate on the mental aspect and psychologically satisfied so that you can run your married life properly.

Eligibility For Hymenoplasty

Those women or girls who are eligible for hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi are :

  • The age should be 18 years or above
  • Those who have torn hymen due to the above-listed reasons
  • Absence of any sort of chronic illness or life-threatening diseases
  • No consumption of birth control pills
  • No smoking and No alcohol consumption


This procedure can be performed under general anesthesia and in this hymen reconstruction procedure, the surgery starts with the excision of the torn edges of the hymen followed by reconstruction procedure by our best hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi.

  • Stitching together the torn vaginal skin forms the secondary hymen layer and it looks intact.
  • By Keeping an artificial membrane as an artificial hymen by replacing the old one without any blood supply.
  • Inserting a flap from the vaginal lining to form a new complete functioning hymen with blood.

Post-surgical Care and Recovery

The patient will be recovered completely in one and a half months to two months, if they follow the below listed post-surgical tips given by our best hymenopladty surgeon in Delhi

  • One need not stay in the hospital, as it is a day-care procedure.
  • Mild pain and any discomfort can be treated with pain medications prescribed by the doctor.
  • The patient can begin going to regular work for the next day after this procedure.
  • Gentle irritation after urination for a few days after the hymenoplasty surgery.
  • Normal Shower bathing can be started on the next day, but the sauna baths and pools are strictly prohibited for nearly a month.
  • Using tampons during menstruation should be avoided for the next 1-2 cycles.
  • Various straining activities, dancing, and heavy exercises must be stopped for two to three weeks after the surgery.
  • No sexual intercourse for at least a month after the hymenoplasty procedure.

No consumption of any sort of drugs for 21 days after surgery.

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