Best Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi 2020

Vaginoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Best Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi 2020

Broken or torn Hymen that is repaired is called as Hymenoplasty Surgery. Dr. Sobha Jindal has her expertise in the unique technique of hymenoplasty in which very fine micro sutures are used to recreate the new hymen without any scar or pain. The surgery is performed with lot of care and confidence.

How Hymenoplasty is done?

The main reason for the restoration of the natural hymen is to give a natural elastic virgin hymen that remains intact. The complete surgery is done under anesthesia to ensure no pain is felt during the procedure. The procedure is done within half an hour a natural hymen is reconstructed.

What is the recovery like hymenoplasty surgery?

Avoid lifting heavy goods for a couple of weeks. Usually, you can restart your daily activities after a couple of days and can go back to work. Avoid lovemaking for 3 to 4 weeks.

How can I book an appointment?

Book an appointment today to discuss further. You can call us at  +91 9350260389 or email us at

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