Best Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Best Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

The hymen is the thin piece of vaginal membrane that runs across the lower part of the vagina. And the membrane is tightly stretched. During menstruation, the upper part of the vagina is not obstructed by the membrane so that, the blood can freely pass through.

The hymen may tear when participating in active sports such as horseback riding, gymnastics, or cycling. The use of an intense fall can also break the hymen.

Best Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi, this surgery is a very precise and delicate procedure that places the tissues and hymen ring close to each other.

The Hymen Restoration Benefits:

Establishes the proof of virginity-

In our cultures, a woman must be a virgin to prove chastity of a woman. The hymen layer can tear due to various reasons other than sexual activity. So, cosmetic surgery may help to restore a hymen layer to prove virginity.

Hymen restore can helps to repair the hymen layer–

For women who endured any worst scenario of sexual abuse or rape will have their hymen torn. So, such reconstructive surgery can repair the damage so that women can restore both mentally and physically.

Injury to the hymen-

The first sexual experience of a woman may damage sometimes the hymen layer. So, in some cases, the hymen layer breaks before intercourse. The vigorous exercises, use of tampons may also cause damage to the layer which can be reconstructed easily.


After undergoing the procedure of best hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi, most of the patients recover at home with post-operative instruction provided by an experienced surgeon. Patients may experience mild discomfort that can be easily treated with the medication of pain. After surgery, the candidate can resume their work within 1 to 2 days. While strenuous activities or heavy liftings like jogging or running must be avoided for at least 4 weeks. The candidates are also suggested not to do any of the sexual activities for a minimum of 6 weeks after following the procedure so that the area can heal properly.


The most common risks that are associated with the best hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi are swelling, bruising, discomfort, and numbness. Like any other surgical procedure, there is always a risk of infection related to the surgery but the chances are low. But the patients must necessarily follow the preoperative and postoperative instructions of their surgeons.

Limitations of the Surgery

The only limitation of the best hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi is that the patient has to be careful enough during the recovery period to prevent damage to the sutures.

After undergoing a successful surgical procedure and after it has healed fully the hymen layer tears off and bleeds during a woman’s next vaginal penetration. The stitches dissolve over time and the scars are not visible at all. While, the surgeons suggest a woman avoid using cycling, tampons, or other such activities that may rupture the hymen. Also, the overall hymenoplasty cost in Delhi might be extremely high and can be expensive at times.

Estimated Cost

Best Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi depends on various factors which include the type of surgery, anesthesia charge, and other pre and post-operative appointments. But then hymenoplasty cost in Delhi might vary from location to location.

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