Best Vaginoplasty in Delhi

Vaginoplasty in Delhi

Best Vaginoplasty in Delhi

Vaginoplasty in Delhi, it is one of the plastic surgery procedures that have gained wider acceptance in recent years. Proven success and safety record of this procedure has encouraged many women to consider it with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to build up their sexual aesthetic. The conditions treated by vaginoplasty surgery range from acquired medical conditions like trauma and vaginal laxity to congenital vaginal defects.

Vaginoplasty in Delhi, it is a procedure is designed to produce aesthetically appealing, smaller and slender labia. Some patients are concerned whether vaginoplasty surgery may negatively impact their sexual pleasure. The length and shape of the labia minor or labia major, or both, may be adversely affected due to childbirth, aging, gravitational pull, or other factors. Over time this may lead to asymmetry, enlargement, or sagginess in the labia. While, the fact is that when vaginoplasty is performed correctly, it may only build up sexual sensitivity by providing enhanced access to the clitoris.

The vaginoplasty procedure starts with the surgeon placing small incisions in pre-determined locations around the labia. Excess tissue will be removed through the incisions of the labia minora will be smoothened as needed. Incisions will finally be closed with melted sutures.

Common Reasons for Vaginoplasty in Delhi

Urinary incontinence – When a baby travels through the birth canal and out of the vagina it can cause some serious problems to a woman’s bladder, this is one is urinary incontinence. The muscles are often stretched out and unable to bounce back, during vaginal births. For some women, laugh, sneeze, or cough will provoke the bladder and pee may leak out. By using less invasive procedures such as a bladder sling, some urinary incontinence conditions can be solved. But for women with more severe cases of urinary incontinence, vaginoplasty procedure is the answer which will tighten the vaginal walls and reduce the pressure on the bladder.

Tightening it up – Some women may not be happy with the arrival of their vagina. Whether it’s from childbirth, genetics, or age, these women may choose to undergo a vaginoplasty, generally, labiaplasty, to reshape their vaginal labia minora.

Better sex life – For some women dealing with a less-than-ideal sex life due to weakened vaginal muscles, a vagina tightening surgery or vaginoplasty is a great option.

Benefits of Vaginoplasty in Delhi procedure:

Patients who resolve to have vaginoplasty performed on their vaginacan experience the number of benefits from the procedure.

Women with congenital defects, vaginoplasty can address painful and problematic complications while enabling women to have a fully-functioning vagina and to experience greater sexual satisfaction and confidence.

Vaginoplasty can allow them to restore the normal urinary functions, regain their sexual confidence and satisfaction, and alleviate their symptoms of discomfort and pain for patients with acquired medical conditions.

Whatever medical reasons you may have that are causing you to consider undergoing a vaginoplasty procedure, you are not alone. Get the guidance of a medical professional to determine if vaginoplasty procedures are the right treatment path for you.

Post Recovery and Care after Vaginoplasty in Delhi

You must take antibiotics medicine to protect against a post-operative infection, an anti-inflammatory drug to minimize the wound pain and acetaminophen drug, as prescribed by a doctor especially the antibiotic which should be wholly completed.

You are allowed to take a shower after 1-2 days of the Vaginoplasty procedure. When you are taking a shower in the morning or before bedtime, you should clean the surgical wound at the perineum area with soap daily. Do not clean inside the vagina.

Within 2 weeks after the vaginoplasty procedure, after urinary excretion may be done cleaning the surgical wound with sanitary wipes at the perineum area and using water and toweling gently after fecal excretion did. Also, avoid moisture around the surgical wound to let it cure faster.

Around 1-2 weeks after the procedure, you may experience light reddish bleeding out of the vagina in around, and use a sanitary napkin to monitor the bleeding. In case of the swollen wound and high fever, excessive reddish blood clot, please contact the Centre for suggestions for the surgical wound examination.

About 1 month after the surgery, you may have all kinds of food, with the exception of alcohol drinks, smoking, and pickled food.

For the Vaginoplasty with mini-Perineoplasty, after the procedure, a green-yellowish discharge may be expected. The vagina is full of bacteria and secretions, causing a reaction to the suture and surgical wound. After prolonged use of antibiotics, itching and curd-like discharge may be caused by vaginal yeast infection. Sanitary pads should be used. In the case of vaginal fungi infection, additional medications may be prescribed by the surgeon.

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