Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Hymenoplasty in Delhi, hymen reconstruction is a surgical procedure, that is performed to restore a ruptured hymen. In some religions and cultures, a high moral value is placed on being a virgin before marriage. Despite the conservative ideas about sexuality in these places, there’s still a liberal culture at large that allows pre-marital sex and infidelities. Problems arise in communities that consider an intact hymen to be proof of the sexual status of women.

The main motive is to produce bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse, which in some cultures or religions is considered as proof of virginity. Contrary to popular belief, a hymen can rupture for many non-sexual reasons such as like- gymnastics, horse-back riding,   insertion of a tampon, or falling astride objects. There is some female who is born without a hymen in the first place.

Even if the cause of a broken hymen is previous sexual activity, that shouldn’t herald the devalue your marriage potential or end of your life. There are ways to fix a broken hymen skillfully and discreetly.

Hymenoplasty Procedure

PROCEDURE – Hymenoplasty in Delhi, this surgery is done under local Anesthesia and Sedation. The torn hymen can be repaired in many ways. Simple suturing of the hymen remnants can reconstruct the intact hymen. Others can required mucosal flaps from the vagina to create the membrane artificially. Sometimes we perform the vaginal tightening surgery called Vaginoplasty along with the hymen repair.

AFTERCARE – The patient will have to regularly apply antiseptic gels and clean the area with Anti-septic solutions. After surgery, heavy physical activity should be avoided for 4 weeks.

Hymenoplasty in Delhi is a relatively safe procedure that has few risks and side effects. Like any operation, it carries a small risk of prolonged bleeding and infection. Overzealous correction may lead to hymen over-correction or stricture’. In such a case, the opening becomes narrowed and makes the next act of intercourse difficult. This however will only very rarely cause difficulties in the long-term.


Hymenoplasty may benefit a woman with numerous advantages, some of them involve:

Religious and Cultural issues-

In some cultures, having an intact hymen is important and very significant as well to prove the chastity of women. So restoring the hymen layer can be a great help for women.

Psychological factor-

Women who have most experience a ruptured hymen and survived sexual abuse. So getting a Hymenoplasty surgery is probably the best thing, that can help them to repair the physical damage.

Other factors may involve a woman’s personal choice, that she may likely wish to gift their life partner a reconstructed hymen.


There are no risks in hymenoplasty procedure and is always without any complications.


Hymenoplasty in Delhi, the recovery time of surgery is less than a day. The patient can return to work next day after the hymenoplasty operation and complete healing takes approximately 8 weeks.

The hospital stay required is only 5-6 hrs.

Follow up

In case of any stomach pains, fever, bleeding, or rejection from the body, contact the surgeon immediately.

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