Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Hymenoplasty in Delhi

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty in Delhi is a simple operation that involves the torn edges before stitching them with fine smooth sutures. It is often performed under local anesthetic with sedation and also be performed under general anesthetic. Hymen reconstruction surgery is also known as hymenoplasty, hymnography. There are many causes for torn hymen, sexual intercourse is the most common one. The other rare causes are tampon use or vigorous exercise, sexual abuse, rape.

Hymenoplasty in Delhi is not especially invasive. The hymen actually has a secondary layer that will grow up to cover the torn skin. The hymen will appear intact, as it grafts together once more. These days everything is available you can get a perky breast, new nose jaw, and also a brand new hymen, all through plastic surgery. Many women consider hymenoplasty for certain religious and cultural reasons, to get over with traumatic memories of sexual assault or to feel young and rejuvenated again.

Hymen generally ruptures due to sexual penetration or vigorous exercise. The procedure of hymen reconstruction or restoration is called hymenoplasty, virginity surgery, revigination, or just hymen reconstruction surgery. It is female genital surgery whose aesthetic goal is to surgically restore the hymen without leaving any clear trace that the female has had during the procedure. It involves excision of the torn edges before stitching them with fine smooth sutures and it is also often performed under local anesthesia. The recovery time is minimal.

Women seek hymenoplasty for cultural reasons, the most common reason being that a bleed and intact hymen after the first intercourse after marriage is considered as a sign of virginity. Other women consider hymenoplasty along with vaginal rejuvenation as a revirginization gift to their life partner.

Hymenoplasty in Delhi, during the procedure the torn hymenal tags are sutured in layers to reconstruct their original form. There is no scarring and hymen appear intact to the visible eye. The newly constructed hymen behaves as ruptures and membrane after the first sexual intercourse with mild bleeding. Ideally, it is suggested that to get the surgery done 4-6 weeks before marriage for optimum results.

Hymenoplasty Procedure:

Hymenoplasty in Delhi, it is a daycare procedure and it can be done under sedation and local anesthesia. The hymenoplasty procedure takes 30-45 minutes and the patient can free to go back home after 2 hours. We use melted stitches to surgically recreate the hymen which need not be removed. After surgery, a pack is left in the vagina which has to be removed the next day.

After hymenoplasty in surgery, you will have mild bruising and swelling initially which subsides in 10 days. After surgery, you can go back to work in a day or two and complete curing takes 4-6 weeks.

After surgery, avoid vigorous exercise or sexual intercourse, swimming, or 4-6 weeks.

Reasons to Consider Hymenoplasty Surgery:

  • Injury to the hymen
  • Psychological healing
  • Cultural or religious reasons
  • Revirgination

Whatever reason you have for choosing a Hymenoplasty in Delhi will provide a supportive and caring environment for your hymenoplasty procedure.

Hymenoplasty is the procedure to gain back natural hymen to get back virginity. In other words, hymenoplasty is the repair of the broken hymen or ruptured hymen and is the sure-shot way to restore or regain virginity.

Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi we follow our latest technique with the multilayered ultrafine repair of the broken hymen which in turn restore the natural structure of hymen. A unique feature of this technique of hymenoplasty in Delhi carried out by Dr. Sobha Jindal is that there are no signs of hymenoplasty procedure done and there are no signs of virginity loss. All we see is the natural intact virgin hymen.

Hence hymen repairaims to result in natural hymen as there has been no intercourse. This hymen will rupture during next sexual intercourse and it will cause bleeding like in a virgin girl.

A thin membrane present at the vaginal entrance (introitus) is called Hymen. It has an aperture to allow passage of blood during menses after puberty. Natural position and natural elasticity of hymen keep it protected from rupture during day to day activities.

Intact hymen which is thought to be the sign of virginity, as hymen gets broken and ruptured during sexual intercourse. Broken hymen, or ruptured hymen is called the sign of loss of virginity. Sexual intercourse is considered the most common cause of hymen rupture. There are various reasons for example athletic activities and perineal tear and injury.

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