Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi is a surgical procedure where the vagina is made tighter by removing vaginal dropping and lining the width of the vagina. For women who have had childbirth, the vaginal muscles tend to expand at the time of delivery, resulting in a larger vaginal opening and weak muscles and canal. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Weak vaginal muscles can also lead to dissatisfaction for both partners or sexual problems.

Reasons to Consider Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi:

Following are some reasons that our patients have sought hymenoplasty surgery include:

  • Tightening a wide vaginal canal
  • Tightening the vagina after childbirth
  • Want to regain your self-confidence and restore your self-esteem
  • To improve the appearance of your genitals

Hymenoplasty Procedure

Initially, you will either be put under general anesthesia, given a local anesthetic. Hymenoplasty in Delhi, a hymenoplasty surgeon will use a surgical procedure to make incisions in the vaginal walls, and then suture the tissues together with dissolving stitches, thereby tightening the vaginal canal. Any resulting excess skin will be removed.

Hymenoplasty surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can go home the same day. Once the surgery is done, you’ll spend some time in our hospital recovery room where our surgical staff will monitor you to ensure you wake up fully and are not experiencing any negative side effects.

Risk or Side Effects of Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty surgery comes with a few risks and complications, including infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. Common side effects include discomfort, pain, and swelling. Following the doctor’s instructions carefully will also help you to minimize complications and side effects.

Cost of Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi

Hymenoplasty surgery is a life-changing surgical procedure for women which is also budget-friendly. So if you think that the hymen reconstruction surgery is expensive, but it’s not the truth, we have to say that you will be required to only pay around INR 15,000-70,000. Well, the huge difference in hymenoplasty cost is dependent on the type of medical facility you select for your hymen restoration surgery. You can get top-notch hymenoplasty surgery at a price that suits your budget. It includes nursing, medical care, and medications from the hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi and experienced medical attendants – all of this at our clinic.


Hymen reconstruction surgery is not only easier, but you can also recover from the surgical wounds fast. Not only hymenoplasty surgery cost is economical, but the results are also visible in real-time. Although swelling and slight pain and are accompanied after the surgery, you will see these vanish in no time; but what’s more interesting is the gift you give to your partner.

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